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公司简介/ Asia Link Group Inc.


Since 1990, Asia Link Group, Inc. (“ALG”, a privately owned company) has been advising global companies enter and succeed in the Chinese market. The last twenty years have seen immeasurable and complex changes to the economic landscape. Keeping abreast of policy and regulatory reform is a huge challenge for companies working inChina. Our consultants have a broad range of contacts at all levels of government and understand the cultural, social economic and commercial characteristics of Chinese business that are prerequisite for success. We have developed a rigorous process for customized consulting that ensures efficient, effective and creative solutions for our clients. 


我们的服务/ Our core services


ALG provides consulting services in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions (M & A), investment advice, private equity, high-tech venture capital fund raising, government relations, industry studies and market research, marketing, distribution and sales representation.


我们的全球业务/ Our global reach


With offices inBeijing, Hong Kong andSanta BarbaraCalifornia, ALG provides services to multinational companies (MNCs) in North America, Western Europe and Southeast Asia; to Chinese State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), and to small and medium sized enterprises inChina.

我们的团队/ Our team


ALG employs local professionals with rich business backgrounds and a profound knowledge of operations inChina. Our employees possess a diversity of specialties in management consulting, financial and investment advice, manufacturing operations, product distribution, logistics, marketing, real estate market research and technology.

我们的市场/ Our markets

为客户提供的并购方案/M & A customized solutions


ALG’s customized investment; market research and financial advisory services have earned us widespread recognition within the public and private merger & acquisition (M & A) sector. By the end of 2008, ALG facilitated USD4.5 billion of investment inChinafrom more than 70 MNCs – of which 40% were Fortune 500.

航空、信息和通讯行业/Aviation, information and communications


ALG has an 18-year track record with the aviation, information and communications industries. We have supported distinguished MNCs who have gone on to achieve impressive results inChina. These companies’ combined revenue is over USD1 billion and includes aviation sales, financing, consulting and investment projects.

基础设施建设和项目融资/Infrastructure development & project finance


A key expertise of ALG is in infrastructure development, particularly project financing. With extensive industry knowledge and first-hand consulting experience, our energy team coordinated a powerful response from domestic and foreign investors whose sustained efforts led toChina’s adoption of international energy industry standards. Over the past 15 years, ALG’s infrastructural initiatives, including project financing and direct investment, has reached USD3 billion.



Since 1990 ALG has advised major projects for its clients in the following sectors: 

·         农用化学制品 Agrochemical

·         汽车 / Automotive

·         能源 / Energy

·         航空(飞机,空管)  / Aviation(Aircraft, ATC System)

·         银行业务和金融 / Banking & Finance

·         建筑材料 / Building Materials

·         化学制品 / Chemical

·         煤矿 / Coal EPC

·         通讯/信息技术 / Communications/IT

·         电子/软件 / Electronics/Software

·         融资服务 / Financial Services

·         工程和建设 / Engineering & Construction

·         工业气体 / Industrial Gas

·         基础设施建设 / Infrastructure Development

·         保险 / Insurance

·         投资银行 / Investment Banking

·         生命科学 / Life Sciences

·         石油与天然气 / Oil & Gas

·         机械 / Machinery

·         医疗器械/科技 / Medical Equipment/Technology

·         制药 / Pharmaceutical

·         电力和替代能源 / Power & Alternative Energy

·         纸浆和造纸 / Pulp & Paper

·         专业教育 / Professional Training

·         原材料 / Raw Material

·         房地产 / Real Estate

·         交钥匙工程 / Turn-key Projects

·         水处理 / Water Treatment


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